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ASAM - Freedom empowered by AgileSpeech Audio Message

ASAM is an every-day speech app that can additionally or alternatively read aloud your email and/or other web contents such as SMS (for Android phones), stock quotes, weather, traffic information, horoscope, and various news. ASAM also features a true hands-free mode of operation with voice command recognition. Stay connected with the web via speech, even when you are multitasking; Or simply enjoy reading with ears. More >>

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A novel memory-enhancing game (Android only)

“HeyYou” is a game that helps individuals train and challenge their memory. There are similar games in the market, but our differentiation includes use of audio stimuli as well as visual stimuli. Experts suggest that auditory memory plays a more significant role for kids to learn foreign languages, especially to acquire the listening and speaking abilities.

    AgileSpeech LLC is a California company, located in the center of the Silicon Valley. The founding members of AgileSpeech LLC have come from world renowned education and research institutions including Stanford University (USA) and Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). Before we founded AgileSpeech LLC. we worked for Fortune 500 companies in the Silicon Valley, such as IBM, Yahoo, VMware, and Motorola, at technical and/or technical management positions. We have an aggregate of over 30 years in research and deployment of speech technology (speech recogntion, text-to-speech, speaker recognition). More recently, we have been focusing on computing and mobile application development, and their synergical integration with speech.

    We strive to empower our users the easiest way to access/retrieve personalized web contents on demand - anywhere and anytime in a true hands-free manner.

    Let's Enjoy Reading with "Ears"!