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How to download the app?
A. For Android version, please go to the Google Play Store to search and download the app ASAM. You can also visit to directly download from the company website.
B. For iPhone version, please go to the App Store to search and download the app ASAM.
What personal information does ASAM collect?
A. To provide best test-to-speech (TTS) quality, ASAM sends your email message to a cloud server that runs AgileSpeech's TTS engine so as to convert the text into audio signal. The audio signal is next sent back to your smartphone for playback. Our server does not keep a copy of your email text nor its aural version. For business purposes, we do log how many words in the email and how long the audio signal is, in addition to the generated UUID for your device.
B. Speech recognition is performed locally at the mobile device.
C. The password to your email account is strictly confined to your mobile device, encrypted.
D. Please also refer to the Privacy Statement.
Does ASAM support IMAP and POP3?
ASAM supports both IMAP and POP3 to a varying extent. For IMAP email servers, you will have the best experience with ASAM. For POP3 servers, ASAM at this moment support accessing Inbox only.
What is the true hands-free operation?
The app periodically checks for new emails. When new email(s) arrives, the true hands-free operation commences. First, (i) ASAM announces the arrival of new email(s), (ii) turns on the microphone to accept your voice command, and (iii) acts on your behalf per your verbal instructions (such as to read aloud the email content, reply, and other maneuvers.) If you do not issue a voice command within 3 seconds from the end of the app's prompt, the app returns to idling.
How to adjust the interval to refresh emails?
The interval to periodically refresh emails is set to 5 minutes. You cannot adjust this interval, but you can issue the voice command "refresh" or pull the entire screen downward to refresh on demand.
You can use the ASAM setting to disable automatic refresh of emails.
How to put ASAM in a silent mode (e.g., at a meeting)?
When ASAM is running background, it will not braodcast when a new email arrives, nor will it capture sound inpit for speech recogntion. When ASAM is running foreground, you need to lower the volume all the way to zero to make ASAM absolutely quiet.
Where to find the list of voice commands?
The latest, active voice commands can be found inside the ASAM settings. As of August 2013, they are:
emailList:read email, refresh, load more messages;
emailDetails:continue, play again, rely, reply all, next (message|email), previous (message|email), louder, lower, go back;
emailCompose:record again, cancel, send
Why ASAM has different server locations? And how to choose?
To minimize network latency, ASAM servers are currently running in USA and in China. Please use a server location that is close to your presence.
The server location defaults to the USA. You can choose the server location as follows:
  • On Android, go to ASAM setting
  • On iPhone, go to Setting located on the screen of Mailboxes
Why is ASAM slow in speech output?
A. Make sure that you choose a server location close to you;
B. Your 3G/4G signal is weak;
C. ASAM servers are busy.
How many email messages are loaded in one batch?
Fifteen (15) messages by default. It can be changed to 25, 50, 100 inside the setting.
Why my voice command is not recognized?
A. The microphone is not on. The mic can be switched on by tapping its icon, or software-wise at the end of a system prompt. It will stay on for 3 seconds.
B. The command you said is not active for a particular screen.
C. Ambient noise is too excessive.
Why the microphone is shut before I am done speaking?
A. ASAM utilizes an automatic algorithm to detect speech activities;
B. If it does not detect beginning of speech within 3 seconds after the mic is turned on, it shuts;
C. If you have a prolong pause between words, the algorithm may prematurely treat it as end of speech and shut the mic.
How to issue a voice command after missing the 3-second window?
Tap the microphone icon or wait for the arrival of new email(s).
Why was I asked to send, cancel, review, or record again before I finished recording?
You had an excessive pause which the app mistook as the end of recording.
How to delete an email account?
Go to ASAM setting to delete an email account from the ASAM app.
What happens when deleting an email account from ASAM?
You won't be able to use ASAM to access to that email account anymore. You can still access it using other email client or browser.
Why cannot I load email messages?
A. Make sure that your device has network connectivity (3G/4G or WiFi);
B. Use Application Manager to clear the cache area of ASAM, then launch again ASAM;
C. Your email server (such as Yahoo) may be temporarily inaccessible.
How to do search inside ASAM?
ASAM enables searches for words or phrases. It first searches within the downloaded messages and then expands the search to the email server.
How to restore an email deleted accidentally?
Restore from the trash folder. Warning: Deleted emails in the trash folder can be purged by the email server at a regular interval.
How to clear ASAM cache data?
A. First go to Application Manager
B. Then select ASAM
What to do when the app is not responding?
If the app stops responding for 2 or more seconds, the device may run out of storage. Clear the data cache first and then relaunch ASAM.
Why can't I say "delete"?
ASAM can be used when you are hands-busy, or eyes-busy, or both, or typically when you on the go. To avoid accidentally deleting your emails, we decide that it is better for you to use fingers/eyes to manually delete email items.
Why can't I say "forward email"?
We are enhancing ASAM. In future versions, you will be able to say "Forward" once ASAM is equipped the ability to recognize email address. A workaround at present will be that you send a reply message to the sender and ask him/her to forward.