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ASAM User Guide

1. Android users: You can locate the “ASAM” app in the Google Play or in

2. iPhone users: You need to use Apple's iTune to search and download the “ASAM” from the App Store.

1. Launch “ASAM”, and enter the id and password for the email account. Password is encrypted and safe. You only need to login once. “ASAM” supports multiple email accounts.

2. Adding more email accounts

1. “ASAM” periodically check the email server. If it finds new email(s), it will play “new message <ding>.” Within 3 seconds of the end of the announcement, please speak a voice command, like "read email" to use ASAM to read aloud your email content. When it is done reading, the app will play another prompt: “end message <ding>.” This time you may want to say "reply" to send a response to the sender.
The microphone is shut when ASAM detects that you are done speaking or that you don't start speaking within 3 seconds of <ding>.

2. Reply mail with voice recording: After you speaking "reply" or "reply all" to send a response to the sender or every recipient (except for yourself) of the email, you will hear "Please record your message" when ASAM is ready to record your voice. You can record up to 18 seconds. Of course, the ASAM can locate the end of the recording if you finish earlier than 18 sec.
You have a chance to decide if you like to "send", "cancel", or "record again".

1. Lengthy email will be divided into shorter segments. At the end of a segment, you will be prompted "More content to read, what's next?" Your choice can be "continue" to hear the next segment. Your choice can also be any commands you can say when hearing “end message <ding>.” (such as "reply" and "next")

2. Segmentation is also made if an email contains components of "Forwarded", or "Reply", or both. Each such component serves as one segment if it is too long. Otherwise lengthy components will further be divided as described above.

1. Speechifying email: On the EmailList screen, tap an email entry. The content of that email will automatically be read aloud. Use the button on the top right corner to pause or to continue the playback.

2. The microphone: It is turned on when ASAM plays the <ding> sound and remains on for 3 seconds. That corresponds to the true hands-free mode of operation. The microphone can also be turned on manually by tapping on the mic icon so as to enter voice commands, like "play again","reply","next message","previous message".

3. Composing email: To compose an email (either new, or reply, or forward), one recipient address should first be provided. You can either type your text message or record your voice message. Tap on the "send" symbol to send your email.

4. Managing emails: On the EmailList screen, tap the "edit" button on the top right corner. Now you can easily select email you want to delete or move to another folder.

5. ASAM setting: Tap of the Menu key to enter "Setting". You can then personalize ASAM.

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